What’s The Best Product To Use On Wavy Hair?

Maintaining wavy hair isn’t a mean task. Ask anyone you see with regular curvy hair. They will tell you the hassle they went through or are still going through to maintain it.  Many people get disappointed using several products to maintain their curly hair. In most cases, they get assurances from hairstylists about the effectiveness […]

Payment Transaction Monitoring: A Strong Method to Counter Cryptocurrency Fraud

The arrival of cryptocurrency has created convenience for individual customers and businesses. But it has also attracted a number of cybercriminals for financial benefits. According to the reports, $3.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency theft occurred in 2020. It is expected to rise in the future. Shufti Pro solutions experts have introduced a payment transaction monitoring […]

Role of KYC and AML in the world of Crypto

Although the phrases AML and KYC are occasionally used synonymously, they have different meanings and applications and are much less well-established in the crypto world. The states are free to implement their own legislation because there is currently no federal mandate in the United States that specifically addresses cryptocurrencies.  However, as the exploitation of cryptocurrencies […]